Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I don't understand white men.

 I don’t understand white men.

                    the Bristol Bay memorial  by Wm.B.Nally

  In 1985 I worked as a deck hand on the FV Lucky Lyndy in Bristol Bay Alaska.  It was a summer of thrills and adventure and a 77,000 lbs catch of Red Salmon.  At the end of the season I had a conversation with a native Alaskan fisherman named “Walt” that has been on my mind since that action packed summer.  Walt had been fishing in Bristol Bay since 1947, in those days the fishing was done from small two man sail boats.  Walt could not understand why we (white men) were willing to risk killing the Salmon that return every year to drill for oil that will never come back….when it is gone, it is gone.  If we spill the oil and kill the salmon we end up with nothing. Why would we risk lifetimes of food for a few years of oil?  “I don’t understand white men” Walt said.  I had to confess I didn’t either.

Twenty seven years have passed since that day I sat on the dock at Pilot Point with Walt. I wish I could have another talk with Walt today. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that seem endless, mass killings in schools, profit before everything, greed, hate and the circus of the current Presidential election have exposed the motives of the white men that are  running things. I finally understand white men. Sorry Walt. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Brother

Big Brother is watching you.

                                   "Not so Much"    by Big Dutch Nally

Big Brother ?  Forget about it.  It is way too late to protect yourself, your privacy is gone forever.  The information you have not given away on Facebook and other sites can be stolen by hackers.  So called “smart” phones are smarter than the folks that use them and everything you do is recorded and saved somewhere.  In the early days of the internet sites added content to get you to visit and today the data you generate when you visit is the content. 

Can’t remember where you were Saturday night…..ask Google or Facebook there is a good chance they know.  And I dare you to explain the privacy policy being posted by any site…..ever clicked the “agree” button rather than read a site’s policies?  Unless you are a lawyer you have no idea what you have agreed to and if you are a lawyer there are other lawyers ready to argue the meaning of every word in the agreement. Years from now the courts will try to sort through it all but in the end the consumers rights will be limited if they exist at all.

Big Dutch got it right with his new painting “not so much”.  To see more by “Big Dutch” and Wm. B. visit the gallery links.  And don’t miss the Cigar Store Indians, a bit pricy for most of us but real treasures of Americana.

Lent begins

This year I am testing the “freedom of religion” feature of our constitution.  Or should I say freedom “ from” religion. I am giving up “Religion” for Lent. No Church, no Bible study, no money in the collection plate, no prayers, no Pope telling me what to do and no Rick Santorum.  Also no tv preachers……as much as I will miss the blessings and instruction of Pastor John Hagee, Jim Baker and the Swaggert clan, and the 700 Club, they are banished from my tv for Lent.  By Easter morning I’ll either be the first in line to get into the Church or sitting in my studio with the New York Times and a cup of espresso.  I’ll let you know how that works out. 

Primary voting today in Michigan and Arizona.

Not sure how this will turn out but It looks like Rick Santorum is the Catholic we feared when JFK ran for President.  Rick has made it clear the Pope will be guiding things when he is elected.  More about Rick later.

Mohnton F.C. Officers for 2012


Clubhouse Director…………….Big Dutch

Rules and Procedures…………..Monsignor Timothy

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends.  Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Big news:  David "Big Dutch" Nally and Wm.B. Nally (that's me) will have a showing of our work in 2012 at the gallery at Albright College in Reading.  Details are being taken care of by the Outsider Gallery and the College so I don't know dates yet.  As plans are developed I'll post them here. Dutch and I will be showing a lot of new work, drawings, paintings and constructions.  This winter I'll be in my studio with my cats painting, sipping espresso and enjoying the views ...... let it snow, let it snow.

                           Daybreak view from my studio.

The time allotted Herman Cain has expired.

Add Herman to the list with Rick Perry.  Nice try guys send your audition tapes to Fox news...good pay and a swell bunch to work with. Good Luck !

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Penn State cover-up years in the making

No one knows anything.  Records are missing.  Police have no record of interviews or reports.  Joe Paterno did what the law required.  Coach Sandusky was just “horsing around” with the boys.  Penn State is exempt from public information disclosure requirements. The Judge that released Sandusky on bail  has been removed from the case.  The District Attorney of Center County vanishes without a trace.  The State Police can’t (or won’t) comment

                                                        Joe Pa Pope of Pennsylvania by Wm. B. Nally
And on and on it goes.  We can look forward to years of this.  Joe Paterno  ruled Penn State with God like influence for decades. The lawyers are lining up on both sides.  The alleged crimes as bad as they are can’t be allowed to interfere with Penn State football and the millions of dollars it generates.

Justice for the victims of this sick culture of football and money is years away and might never be served.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pennsylvania… haven for perverts?

By now news of the child sex scandal at Penn State has made the front pages across the country.  Add this grim news to the still boiling scandals in the Philadelphia area Catholic church and you might wonder if Pa is a pervert friendly environment. 

This fiddling with and fondling of children is not a new problem.  In the Church is has been going on for centuries.  Penn State’s problems are part of the football program that is at least 11 years in the making.


                                              Very Rev. James Thomas by Wm. B. Nally 2011

                                                     Father Mike by Wm. B. Nally 2011
                                                      (Mike is out on bail, awaiting trial)

The remedy for the Catholics is simple and could yield almost instant results.  My advise to the faithful is to go to mass…..go to confession…..say your prayers and  put empty envelopes  in the plate when offerings are gathered.  Trust me, even the Pope will notice.  Within weeks you will have the Pope’s attention and he will be asking the faithful what to do.

The remedy for Penn State is complicated by the politics of big time college football. Football in the Keystone state is even more powerful than the Catholic church.  The remedy however is simple.  First off…..Joe Paterno gets fired…  Then cancel the rest of the football season, forfeit the remaining games and fire all the coaches, trainers and the athletic director. Honor the scholarships and get down to the biz of education.  The players can stay or transfer to a school  with a football program.  We will all be better off without the burden of training future NFL players.  Alabama is a much better place to train big guys how to play football. The weather is better down there…..and Football is one of the few things that people in Alabama have been able to figure out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Power restored in Mohnton

Hi all............been in the dark since the storm.  New work will be posted in the next couple days.  Don't forget to turn the clock back this weekend.....once a year we get the chance to go back in time.  Sadly we only get to go back one hour, a five year reset would be nice but that ain't how it works.